Managing Your Grey Fleet With Fleet Management Software

Grey fleet refers to the collection of employee’s personal vehicles being used for the business journeys.  The management of fleet includes procedures, policies to manage as well as regulate the use of employee’s vehicles for business related journeys.

A company that set up this type of fleet does not need its employees to go on a lot of business related trips. Grey fleet is considered as the cost effective alternative to renting or buying vehicles just for the business journeys especially the mileage for every month or year is very low.  For more details on fleet management, visit websites like

  There are a few things to take into account before deciding to go for the grey fleet option. If the grey fleet is properly set up and managed it can definitely cost the company a lot less than other options.

There is a misconception that the grey fleet only costs a company the mileage expense claims made by the owner of the vehicle for every single travel and employers are not at all responsible for the employees when they are using their own card for business travel. Instead, in most of the cases, a company is responsible for employees when they are using their own vehicles and company has to place their vehicle on the insurance as well as manage them like their own.

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