Kombi In Weddings: The Rising Trend

In weddings, the most important moment is the arrival of the bride and the groom. People think hard and spend large amounts to showcase this moment and make their wedding shine out. This practice leads to the use of expensive and stylish cars by people. However, many people have shown a surprising trend recently. They use the Volkswagen Kombi for the arrival of the bride and groom. Many Byron Bay weddings also involve the use of Kombis, usually hired form rental services like Coast58.


Why Has It Happened?

Many weddings use ‘kombi’ instead of sleek and new cars. This is quite surprising as the Kombi is a very old car. However, these reasons might explain this change in trends:

  • People want something new and unique. As mentioned above, people walk the extra mile only to make their wedding distinguishable from the numerous other wedding ceremonies taking place. As the Limousine or Rolls-Royce culture is quite common and in fashion, it is not unique. People find the Kombi an alternative which can make their wedding stand out.
  • It matches well with casual and beachy weddings that take place nowadays. It does not produce the formal look of cars like Limousine. Also, it is available in the most unusual colors, making it a popular choice among people who like to have theme colors in their weddings.

The trend has changed. Instead of stylish and new cars, the humble Kombi can has become the wedding transportation choice for many young people. 

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