Just Got Moved into the House

I am going to have to find some guy who does air conditioning repair in morris county nj, but that is about the biggest issue with the new place. It is not like the air conditioning does not work right. It keeps the house nice and cool, but when it comes on there is often a creaking noise rather like the soundtrack from some old horror movie. It sounds like some sort of unearthly scream or something I suppose. I do not know what is going on, but I have a very hard time believing that I am going to be able to get used to it. In the day it is not so awful, because you have the music on or the TV and all of the other stuff is making noise. However if you are asleep it is really unsettling. You get woken up in a start and you look around for some sort of weapon, because that noise sounds like some sort of thing that you should be afraid of.

The first night that it happened I thought that it was some sort of accident out in the street. I went out in the yard and looked around to see if there had been a car crash out in the street. The fact that it was in the air conditioning system did not occur to me until I heard it during the day time. It apparently does not happen that often. I am not sure how it happens or how to fix it, but the guy I talked to on the phone said that he could fix it, but he did not guarantee that it would be easy or that it would be cheap. I suppose it has something to do with the the vents being loose.

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