Jobs Related To Massage Therapy


Many massage therapists work alongside other medical and personal care professionals to provide therapy, treatment or health look after their clients. For example, a chiropractor might recommend massage treatments as an adjunct to chiropractic treatments to relieve back pain or headaches. Here is a list of careers related to massage therapy, and how they relate to another.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapists often deal with muscle strains and other injuries. Massage therapists are often used to help in recovery from muscle injuries, although physical therapists have more specific skills for dealing with injuries.

Sports Trainer

Sports trainers use stretching to loosen athletes and often use ice or heat to relax muscles. Massage therapists also use stretching, cryotherapy (ice) and heat to loosen muscles as part of a massage treatment.


Chiropractors deal primarily with bone modification in the backbone, often in response to injuries or pain. Often, massage therapists work alongside chiropractors to provide treatment for the muscles of the back and backbone to facilitate treatments. If you need more information, then just explore instituteofeastwestwellness.

Acupuncturist/Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Acupuncturists and Doctors of Oriental medicine (DOM) are trained in the Chinese massage modality called Tui Na, and often incorporate massage treatments as a regular aspect of health care. Lots of DOMs refer their patients to massage therapists when they are unable to provide massage services for a patient.

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