It’s Not a Matter of Convenience but Rather One of Making My Parents Happy

Mom started getting forgetful a few years ago. Dad was doing just fine taking care of her with a little help from us. However, he is a little more frail now, and our job requirements and a great grandchild have us stretched kind of thin. I looked into senior home care in Long Island to see what it would take to get some extra help in taking care of mom. Just some things such as help with her bathing and medication reminders for both dad and her. Having a little help making sure they both ate health meals was good too. Dad would just order pizza with meat and veggies every day if you let him. He likes the one place that delivers one small pie and a dessert pizza too.

Mom in her moments of better lucidity asks him what ever happened to meatloaf Wednesdays. Dad never learned how to cook. He can heat things up in the microwave like a professional though. He can reheat pizza in one and actually make it taste good. Him and mom fended for themselves when they eloped to Long Island very long ago. No one on either side of the family lifted a finger to help them. No one approved of their marriage. However, they have been together over 50 years now. They deserve some help getting by in their senior years.

There is no convincing either one of them to move into a home. They want to stay where they raised their kids and helped to raise their grandchildren. We do have a lot of memories at their house even if mom and dad are both forgetting some of them. We will do what we can to keep them in their home as long as possible. Senior home care in Long island seems like the best option for their needs right now.

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