Importance Of Early Morning Prayers

There’s a sort of water which appears just until early morning.  It’s formed at night once the temperature of an area drops and it disappears once the sun starts to increase the temperature in the morning.

This water is known as dew.  It’s called water droplets made by condensation of the atmosphere on cool surfaces close to the ground. You can also navigate to this website to know more about the importance of prayers and church in your life.

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The effect of stating that your morning prayers early in the morning–an hour or so before the sun looks on the horizon–are like the dew.  You can secure this beneficial effect only through the wee hours of the afternoon. If you don’t pray in the morning, you are not going to receive this dewy impact of prayer.

The first benefit you receive from the dew is refreshing water.  It’s water in its purest and trendiest from the natural atmosphere. So also in ancient prayers, the first advantage you receive is a refreshing of your soul and body.  Your own body is relaxed and prepares itself to the work of the whole day.

Your mind will refresh from the cares, anxieties, and issues of the preceding moment.  Your soul is refreshed with the Spirit of God because he communes with you personally. Water invigorates you.

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