I Will Be Helping My Grandchildren with Huge Discounts

When my daughter and son in law told me they were having quadruplets, I was ecstatic. I never thought that would happen in our family. It seems like such a rarity in any family. I was so proud of my daughter for how seriously she took her health and her pregnancy. After she had her healthy babies, I then wondered how I would afford gift giving for birthdays, holidays and more. But I lucked out and now I can buy pretty much I everything I want to with the help of online Black Friday deals and coupons every November.

Black Friday is the retailer response to the after-Christmas sales we have had for many decades. You know, the sales where people line up for hours in December so they can save a lot of cash. Being a senior, I have never thought it would be a good idea for me to spend the night outside a store alone, so I have never had the luck of being able to participate in the discounts everyone else was getting.

But now that the annual November sale takes place online, I get to buy things inexpensively, too. My son-in-law made sure that I became a pro on the Internet many years ago so that I wouldn’t be left out of the wonderful world that can be found online. And all I need to do to find out about the sale prices is search for sites that tell me what things will be discounted and at which store. I can then just wait for the sale time to start, put the things I want in my online cart, pay and then check out.

I need to help buy things for the baby’s room that will help out. There are stores that sell mostly baby and children’s items that will be on huge discount this year, so I will be buying that. I will also be helping out with buying clothes. I found that many stores are selling children’s clothing for as much as 75% off.

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