I Love Everything About My Husband’s Home Country

I fell in love with things that have to do with Japan back when I was in college. My dorm roommate as from Japan, and she taught me so much about her country. She was the one who introduced me to the man I would later marry, and he is from Japan, too. One of the things he introduced me to was watching Japanese drama online. We love it, and it is so relaxing to watch after a hard day at work.

My college roommate was the sweetest girl. She and I quickly became best friends. We had so much in common, despite the fact that we were both from different countries. She grew up with her mom but not a father, just like I did. We were the same age and even born on the same month and day. She had spent a lot of time learning about my country and I spent a lot of time learning about hers. We both started doing that in high school. She dreamed of visiting my company and made it a point to work hard in school so that she could come here for college. We often found ourselves talking for hours and hours, often late into the wee hours when we didn’t have homework or need to study for an exam.

It was a wonderful thing when I was introduced to my husband. We clicked right away, and we talked for hours until the sun came up the next day. When it was time to go our separate ways, he asked me out on a date. I was pleased to accept! We dated for three years, and then we got married. We now have 3 children and just had our 7th wedding anniversary. We love to spend time together, and he loves to introduce me to Japanese dramas that he used to watch in his home country.

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