I Am Trying to Lose Some Weight

I think that I need to lose about ten to twenty pounds, by which I mean that I really need to lose a little more than that. Of course ten pounds does not seem like that much and twenty pounds sounds like a lot more than you could hope to lose without resorting to drastic methods. I am hoping to find a method of weight loss in Singapore that is not going to involve too much drama. In fact like most people who really research the problem I know that there is a pretty simple way to lose weight, which is to eat a lot less and to exercise a lot more. That will in fact work every single time and it will also be no fun at all, every single time. So I was hoping that I could find a shortcut, but in truth there probably is not any that you are going to find. There are thousands of things that people on the web will try to convince you will work, just about all of them do not really pass the smell test however.

For now what I am doing is more walking, especially when it comes to stairs. I work on the seventh floor of an office building and it is not close enough for me to walk all of the way. However I have been leaving home earlier and walking to a much more distant bus stop from the one I would usually take. Then I get off of the bus a couple of stops before they reach my building and I walk the rest of the way. I am also trying to replace sweetened beverages with ice water. I drink a lot of empty calories and I am thinking that this alone would add up pretty quickly.

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