How to Sell Digital Products and E-Books Online

Are you an E-book author? Have you got software or some files which you would like to sell? You'll have to understand how to sell digital downloads on the web if you're.

How to Sell Digital Products and E-Books Online

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There are lots of ways. Some ways are easier while some are more complex. Below are some of the methods. For the methods you will need to have a PayPal account:

1. Host the file on your own hosting company.

For this system, you make a page that has a link to your merchandise.

Goat PayPal, create a' buy now' button or link to PayPal. In PayPal, you set the option after your client has made a payment of directing the URL.

The issue of this technique is that it's not secure. To the client, the download URL is shown following payment. They can share the URL if the customer isn't honest and they can download your product!

2. Install a download script on your web host. This method is the most complicated of all. You will need to buy the download script and that is the easy part. After that, you will need to install the script on your host and configure the script to work with PayPal’s IPN. The good point about this method is that once done it can be quite an accomplishment.

3. Locate a 3rd party seller that is secure. Another technique is to get a 3rd party seller that is secure to host your products. The fantastic thing about this is products can be sold by you right and that installation is very simple. 

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