Going to Courts versus Using Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods

What should you do when in a dispute? Some people will rush to the courts. This has been the most popularly used method of resolving disputes. However, it may not be advisable to run to courts while you can still handle the problem through alternative dispute resolution methods. Well, you can still engage the services of a lawyer outside the courts. You could consider getting services from marc grimaldi lawyer to learn how you can solve your disputes without going to courts. Going to courts an help you get justice where you are not able to through the alternative dispute resolution methods. But why would you prefer alternative dispute resolution methods to going to court?

Well, there are various reasons as to why solving disputes outside the courts is advantageous. Before we can get to these benefits, let us first look at the alternative dispute resolution methods. These methods include mediation, arbitration as well as negotiations. In negotiations, you get to talk with the other party without involving a third party in your case. For mediation, the parties in dispute engage the services of a third party who is a neutral party. The mediator facilitates the discussions but cannot make a binding decision. The parties make a decision by themselves. On the other hand, arbitration involves engaging the services of a third party known as arbitrator who has the right to make a binding decision which the parties in dispute must follow.

Alternative dispute resolution methods are faster unlike the long court processes that could take up to years before the dispute is resolved. Similarly, these methods help to save costs of hiring quality witnesses as well as paying court fees. Alternative dispute resolution methods also allow the parties to participate more in looking for a solution because they are less formal and so no many rules to be followed. These methods are also confidential since the members of the public are not involved.

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