Getting a New Tablet for Christmas

When my daughter broke her tablet not long ago, I knew that I would not have the money to buy her a new one. The irony is that the warranty had just run out a few days before that would have replaced it free of charge regardless of how it broke. She was disappointed, but she was also very understanding. I knew that I was going to get her a new one though sooner rather than later, so I did a search for the best tablet deals for Cyber Monday.

Even though Cyber Monday feels a lifetime away, I know it is going to be here sooner than what will seem possible, and I want to be prepared for it. The reason why I am excited about this is because I know that the savings are going to be so good that I will definitely be able to buy her one. When I did my search, I was able to find a company that has a website that is 100 percent about Cyber Monday. I was able to put in my email address to sign up for their newsletter and alerts, which means I will know when one of the stores announces some of their Cyber Monday deals well in advance.

The nice advantage of this is that I can shop around without stressing out that I don’t have much time. It is so different than Black Friday shopping, mainly because I don’t have to fight traffic, lines or pushy people. I get to sit on my sofa sipping hot chocolate as I go to the site that is going to give me the best deal. I will already know well in advance which store this will be, and my biggest dilemma is whether I will be able to wait until Christmas to give her the new tablet.

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