Get A Home Loan For A Favorable Purchase?

A favorable purchase is a bank term for what they call a transaction where a property is sold “off market” and under “market value”.

Off market means without a real estate agent involved so the buyer and seller either know each other or it’s a private sale.

Under market value refers to the situation where the seller is not selling the home for what the property is worth and is therefore in essence gifting the purchaser equity.

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The most common example is where mum and dad may be retiring or looking to move or downsize and will want to sell the family home.

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Sometimes the children decide they would like to purchase the property off their parents. The parents will then sometimes sell the property to the kids for a price less than what they could sell on the open market to help their kids out or keep the home in the family.

It’s very important to differentiate a favorable purchase in a sale in which the purchaser thinks they are receiving a fantastic deal and purchasing the home at well below market value.

Banks will always give and base their own LVR and deposit demands on the lower of their contract of purchase price or the evaluation unless an exclusion applies.

Just stating you’ve a fantastic bargain isn’t enough to acquire the lender to generate an exception to this rule and also foundation their own deposit and LVR on a valuation which came in higher.

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