Freelance of Web Design Firm: Which is Best?

Should You Choose Freelancers or Web Design Firms?

If you are looking have a website made for you, the first step will be choosing between freelancers and web design firms. Both options have their pros and cons, so in this article we will look those over so that you are able to may an informed decision regarding the type of web developer to hire.

Overall Costweb design firms

The biggest benefit to hiring a freelancer is cost.  Most freelancers charge a lot less than regular web design firms, because they have less overhead and no staff. This is great for businesses with major budget constraints.However, with web design firms there are no hidden or unexpected costs. Everything is broken down and itemized in a contract, so there will be no surprises with final cost. This avoids arguments and confusion when it comes to final cost, and can save you money in the long run.

Experience Level

Web design firms usually have a dearth of talent to choose from, all with a variety of different talents. You know for sure when hiring a firm that they will be able to do their job, as they have already been vetted by the company they work for.That being said, the freshness and flexibility a freelancer has can be a major asset for business. Being fresh out of design school isn’t necessarily a bad thing as you know the designer is completely up to date on current design trends


Web design firms are generally very reliable. As long as you do your due diligence by checking portfolios and references, you can be sure that the company will deliver. Established web design firms have a process in place to ensure that projects are done on time and on cost. Freelancers can be reliable as well, especially since they are not paid salary but instead live off their fees. However, they can sometimes take on more than they can finish which can lead to project delays and rushed work. And occasionally some freelancers do not actually have the skills and resources they claim to, which can lead to disappointing product.


Web design firms are very convenient. They generally have someone to cover every aspect of your website, from designer to develop to SEO engineer and content writer.  With a team working on a project you know the individuals involved are trained in that specific area, ensuring the work is up to industry standard. While there is some convenience with dealing with a freelancer, since you are not limited by company packages, you can never be sure if the freelancer is capable of doing all of the various aspects of web development. This can lead to extended launch dates and inflated costs.


There are definitely plus sides to both hiring freelancers and web design firms, and this decision will need to be made depending on your priorities and preferences. The best way to approach this problem is to decide what is the most important factors for you, and then meet with a variety of people and companies to see which can offer you what you need.

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