Flange Guards Are Safety Solutions

Even the flange guards are produced from the crystal clear material in order your liquid discharge can be understood through the shield providing a visual sign.

Such protects are acceptable for corrosive chemicals since it’s safe for use as a result of technical fabric along with Teflon ribbon used for stitching that prevents spillage in addition to contamination. Flange wear ligaments (which is also known as เส้นเอ็นการสึกหรอแบบแปลน in the Thai language) are used to provide the support to the pipeline for better flow of liquid.


 For powerful antioxidants and high temperature and pressures, PTFE substances are exemplary since they’ve high immune chemical properties for all substances. On averagely used acids, alkaline, caustic, additives, fuels, additives, oils fluids or fluids, your gadget is intended to supply high advantages by resisting spray workouts, congestion, and peppermint formations.

  • They’re stated in the different substances that withstand the poisonous or noxious compounds widely utilized at the act businesses randomly pressures and temperatures.
  • They’re intended to put in at the joints located close to the attention amount, paths and traffic parts, loading and unloading areas, release sides of their pumps, tight and restricted spaces, and conveying flammables near hot climates in addition to electronics.
  • A number of these variations arrive with PH index, which indicates the leakage by instantly altering colors, and a few can be found in clear translucent styles at which the leakage might be understood throughout the eyes using an ease.

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