Commonly Asked Questions about Personal Injury Lawsuits

With over 20 years in the personal injury legal practice as an insurance defense attorney and now exclusively representing injured people, I have gained a wealth of knowledge about insurance companies, as well as extensive litigation and trial experience.

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 Below are some questions the insurance company does not want you to ask:

  1. I’ve been hurt in a car accident and am thinking about filing a suit. What info do I want to document to get a powerful claim?
  2. Documentation is what when it concerns getting an acceptable compensation from an insurance provider. Your health care providers will maintain records of visits and remedies for your harm, but you ought to record the manners your injury has influenced your own personal and work life.
  3. Why should i hire a personal injury attorney after having been hurt in a car, truck, or office injury?
  4. Some harm claims are so small they might not need legal representation, however, my very best advice as a former insurance defense attorney is in case you’ve suffered serious injuries from a crash, then you have to instantly seek guidance from an outstanding personal injury attorney.
  5. Do not all attorneys know how to successfully reflect a injured person?
  6. Personal injury law has lots of complexities and demands an understanding of not just tort and insurance coverage, but trial and litigation processes and also of how insurance businesses operate that a general practitioner might not own.

Furthermore, well-experienced personal injury lawyers know how specific aspects will help determine the value of a claim.

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