Cleaning Your Pool with Ozone Generators

Pools should be refreshing to enjoy, but they can be a chore to take care of. Maintenance can be a stressful time, but if you have a pool, it’s necessary. If you don’t provide upkeep to it, you could be looking at a lot more problems than you think. Aside from bugs growing in the water, it also raises the possibility of mildew and mold.

If it’s close to your home, the mold spores can get into your home and spread there, too. You’ll want to keep it clean as much as you can. Damage Control 911 of Orlando tells us that one of the best ways to do this is to use an ozone generator.

People say that ozone is dangerous, and they’re completely right. Ozone can cause a lot of problems for your lungs and your breathing. It can give you a scratchy throat, make you lightheaded, and even give you a bad headache. There’s no permanent damage, usually, but you lung inflammation can lead to other problems.

It can also cause existing lung diseases to act up further. That means people with asthma can be affected by it more than others. If it’s in the water, though, it won’t hurt you. It will eventually become regular oxygen and lifts back into the air.

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