Chicken Coop Construction Plans

There are many options available in terms of chicken coop construction. The size and design of your coop can have a very dramatic impact on the way well your chickens place, so it certainly takes care of to do some study before-hand.

Pre-construction Checklist

Choosing the best chicken coop depends on the breed of chicken, the dimensions of your yard/farm, your geographic place, and your financial restrictions.

The main areas to take into consideration are:

1) The size from the coop – You've acquired three options here: tiny, medium, and large. Little coops are portable along with clean, whereas medium coops require much more work, but are a good investment if you would like high egg yields. You merely really need a large, premium-style coop when you're breeding 10 or higher birds, as they'll need room to perform around.

2) Positioning and security – Chickens need sunlight if they may lay at an ideal level, so position the actual coop accordingly. Healthy, relaxed birds can lay 5 or higher eggs per week if they get good morning sunlight, plenty of water along with food, and adequate working space. You can choose any design through

3) Ease of access – There is nothing worse than having to go out every morning to accumulate eggs from a colorless, dirty, stinky coop.. In order to avoid this, you can build your nesting boxes in a fashion that makes egg collection simple. Again, good plans will show you how to do this particular.

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