Application Of Your Makeup Is What Matters

Every person should be careful about what they apply on their skin. For all you know, you could be damaging your skin with the makeup you apply. If you have noticed allergies due to the products you use then switching to organic makeup is the best option for you. It is chemical and toxin free and won’t harm your skin in any way.

You will be surprised to find out how many companies actually put an effort to produce vegan products. These products are made out of plant extracts and minerals that do wonders for your skin. It repairs it, makes it look healthier and glowing.

Some of the tips on applying makeup are as follows:

·         Primer should be the one that gives a matt look after application. It will help control oil on your face and will give you a refreshed and bright look.

·         Apply organic concealer after primer has dried off. Apply it with a brush or your finger tips under the eyes or anywhere else to cover spots. Use lighter concealers at day times.

·         Foundation has to be applied with a brush which should be moved in circular motions all over the face. Reach to every nook and cranny and make sure you cover your ears with it too.

·         Apply vegan blush of baby pink color on your cheeks and blend it thoroughly. It could be used every day if it is not that shimmery.


Companies that will provide you with good quality vegan products are Tarte and Hourglass along with some others. 

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