All About Lifelong Discipleship

Contrary to what several persons deliberate, discipleship is not just a onetime thing. Though discipleship is particularly significant for new supporters, it does not end after learning the fundamentals of Christ’s teachings.

Discipleship is a process, a lifelong process that begins at conversion but not finishes.  Following learnings the principles about the Bible you may think you understand Scripture but later as you examine the exact same passages after becoming older you know just how much you have heard. You can also navigate to to get more information on discipleship.

To go around these common problems we must find that if it is analyzing Christ’s teachings in Scripture, practicing spiritual disciplines or inside our life, our number one concern must always be our relationship with God.  We must always be looking following Him and aware of anything which may get in the way our principal link.

We ought to stay aware of this component of the Holy Spirit in directing and teaching us and we ought to stay aware of our function at the discipleship process: to learn Scripture, to take Christ’s schooling, to practice the spiritual disciplines and also to always be seeking God.

Discipleship needs to be deliberate and we must expect to work hard at it.   Just like with any other occupation in existence, we have to research and we have to prepare and operate it if we expect to succeed.

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