All About Free Modeling Agencies

Most of the time people think of free modeling agencies as agencies that don’t charge any upfront fees or make models take required modeling courses or pay for photo shoots before they can be represented by the bureau.

Having to pay for courses or photo shoots are things. Models should require taking a personality training courses in order to be represented, or shoot with a particular photographer. There is nothing wrong with agencies advocating photographers that they would like you to shoot with.

Use your judgment in this case. Is the agency insisting that you use their “in-house” photographer or is your photographer somebody who regularly shoots models for many different agencies? “In-house” photographers can indicate a problem, but referrals to favored photographers generally do not.

Does An Upfront Fee Make The Agency A Scam?

No, not necessarily. Because an agency expects you to cover your initial start-up costs or they have a fee to join does not automatically make it a scam. The key word here is “reasonable”. A couple of hundred dollars or less is one thing. No new model should pay thousands of dollars to begin a modeling career.

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