A Young Chef Dreams in Chef Wear

Children today have many goals for their future. They dream of the opportunities of being the president, or becoming a police officer or shot fighter or hosting their own cooking show. Yes, the chefs on television are changing children. Becoming a chef is now something children talk about. The Food System is not just popular with adults, but it is also popular with children. 

This, of course, involves the way kids play is improving. Rather than playing cops and robbers, children are creating masterpieces in old pie tins as they play in the sandbox. Wearing chef hats is not silly, but serious play as a leaf tops a "sand cream turnover." The wonderful power of creation is essential to the future chefs of our nation.

Parents can help encourage their kids creativity by cooking with them. Invite a child into the kitchen to help build family meals. A kid will have a great time wearing chefwear and serving with mom or dad. This will also help a child see if he or she really enjoys working in the actual kitchen. Almost every famous chef working today has a story about being in the kitchen with a parent or important adult. Perhaps, the next great chef is baking chocolate chip cookies with mom right now.

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