A Video to Bring in New Workers

I own a company that has been quite successful in recent years. When I first started out, I had one part time helper. Today, I have over 50 full time workers and a handful of temporary workers. I have learned that part of my success comes from not just the customers but in the way I treat my employees. I have had some horrible bosses in the past myself, and I vowed to treat my workers good, and their appreciation is apparent through their performance. I decided last week to hire a Singapore video production company to create a video of a typical day at our workplace to entice more people in joining us.

I was about to bring in a new client, and our workload was going to increase a good bit. I knew that we could handle it ourselves, but I would rather bring in a dozen new employees so no one had to be stressed. Stressed and unhappy workers do no one any good, including the bottom line for the company. I used the same company that created a video for an associate of mine, which is what actually gave me the idea to do this.

The team came in and took video of a lot of different things. The amazing thing is that what is shown on the video they put together really is a typical day at work. Nothing was enhanced or added to make it more appealing. The atmosphere was jovial, and the environment was a fun one. The video crew captured all of this, and then they turned it into an amazing video. I was able to put it on the company website, and we had over 100 people apply just the first week! It speaks volumes not only about my company, but also about the video that brought in all the attention!

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