A Monopoly Has Already Grown

Ever since I have moved to Arizona, I have found myself in a situation which can best be described as a digital void. Oh, it’s certainly by choice of design since I have been resisting actually signing up for Time Warner again. After being abused as a customer by them for so many years, why would I even think about going back to them? Ah, right! They have a near monopoly on access to cable television and digital cable Internet! I have been considering instead direct tv for arizona as my inevitable choice for entertainment. It’s clearly not my first or even the optimal decision that I would prefer to make but when you are given no other option and you need your fix of Game of Thrones without resorting to piracy, you have to do what you have to do, right? It is my hope that with this threat of a merger betweenComcastand Time Warner that the government begins to realize just how powerful that these companies have become in their ability to dominatethe market so casually.

It’s a slap in the face to the free market that they have been allowed to grow so out of control. No entity has been able to step in their way to mitigate their presence as both an ISP and a cable content provider. No company should operate as both of these things as they are doing all that they can to stifle the traffic that comes from other content providers like YouTube. This should be considered evidence enough that they are working from an unfair advantage to control the market and actively control profits in this same market. If the government does not do anything about this level of control, I will truly lose faith in their ability to actively place restrictions on business.

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