A Guide To Prescription Drug Monitoring Program In Florida

Florida pharmacists, doctors and authorities favor a statewide prescription drug monitoring program to assist curb crime, save lives as well as protect patients from inadvertent damage. A prescription drug monitoring program involves a computer database of prescriptions for abused and addictive drugs. Preserved by doctors and pharmacists, it will help ensure patients haven't already been prescribed an addictive drug by another doctor. You can even call at 334-502-3262 about PMP, if your are a local resident.

A prescription drug monitoring program also leads to a decrease in the crime of "doctor shopping" — fans going from doctor to doctor trying to get prescriptions to support their harmful addictions. Entries in the database prevent multiple prescriptions for the same person. Doctor shopping, a significant source of addictions and against the law drug activities, also places well-meaning medical doctors at unfair ethical and legal risks, and contributes to the complete drug-related crime risks all individuals face daily. Prescription drug addictions too often lead to robbery and chaotic crime, and the social costs of authorities, criminal justice, injuries and deaths and overloaded Florida drug cleansing facilities.

According to Florida's "drug czar" Expenses Janes, doctor shopping is increasing within the state, and drugs obtained simply by doctor-shopping are reaching the African American market. Florida drug detox centers are generally treating more cases of prescription drug addiction than in the past for addictive painkillers such as oxycodone, OxyContin, Percocet, Vicodin, Lortab and others, often obtained illegally.

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