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Many public schools in the United States are offering online classes to reach potential drop-outs and to supplement instruction on snow days. Here are some resources on alternate sleep schedules, how to balance other obligations and online learning, and deciding if the flexibility of online work is for you. Critics of online education like to cite the lack of interaction as a shortcoming of distance education. Most online courses suggest or require study groups, have forums, and offer quick response times from professors. There are also tons of online learning communities, and communities centered around the topic you’re studying. Communicating early, and often with instructors is key to succeeding in online education.

Unlike traditional classrooms where a professor can just call you aside to comment on your work after class, online education requires you to go the extra mile and set up communication avenues early. While you may have deadlines for when to take your test, or time limits once your test is begun, online learning offers much greater freedom as to when and where you take tests. For those with testing anxiety or who don’t have a few hours to sit down and take a test during the day, online exams are a good fit.

Coupled with study habits you’ve been developing as an online student, this can allow you to show greater mastery of the test material than traditional testing situations. The flexibility of studying online with IDI allows you to work towards a degree without giving up on your other commitments. At the heart of your studies is our innovative online learning platform, offering you an unrivalled study experience and enabling you to receive individual tuition and unlimited support from within your very own secure and easy to use online studio. Studying your degree online with IDI is considerably more affordable than attendance-based options: with lower tuition fees, no travel costs, and a range of discounts and payment plans. You will find from the word go that we have really simplified the online learning experience. We hold events all over the country where you can meet tutors and talk over your study options with our friendly team.

Our dynamic online forums allow you to share your work, inspiration, worries, advice, and difficulties with fellow students from over 70 countries worldwide. The past 30 years have shown that there is a huge market for video games that only gets bigger each year, and as this market grows stronger, the demand for video game designers and programmers is likely to increase, as well. If you’ve already completed some study at another university, you may be able to count it towards your Open University qualification. We do everything we can to help you succeed, even if it’s years since you did any studying.

Our unique method of ‘Supported Open Learning’ combines more one to one contact than distance learning with more flexibility than campus-based learning. Whether you need help with finding the time, an Access module to ease you into university study, support with a disability or need to test your English or computing skills, we can help. Access modules will bring you up to speed which you may even be able to study for free. Our students’ post-diploma success means that we are leaders in professional online education and distance study. We offer an incomparable range of online study courses and because our college is divided into faculties, you can be confident of receiving support from specialised tutors who are experts in your field of study. ElearnUK’s nationally accredited online study courses lead to internationally recognised awards.

Our flexible distance study courses have been designed to give you the convenience of studying online, from the comfort of your own home, and at a time that suits you. Course materials are also available through the conventional postal system with the Stonebridge Colleges paper-based learning method. We are dedicated to ensuring that your distance study is convenient and flexible – no other distance education provider offers you more. Our distance learning courses are acknowledged by a wide variety of groups including employers, professional associations, governing bodies and national and international licensing authorities around the world. When you have completed your online education course successfully, you will receive a Diploma or Certificate issued by ElearnUK and will be able to use the letters SAC Dip or SAC Cert after your name.

If you also complete an online course accredited by one of our awarding bodies, you may receive another certificate from them, or be eligible for professional membership. When studying online with Elearn you can access course materials where you want, when you want. Completed question papers are submitted to your personal tutor online using your unique student account and feedback is emailed straight to you. All you need to do is enrol, sign in and complete your online course activities. The assessment process is designed to enable you to demonstrate an understanding of the learning material as well as how to apply practical concepts to the world of work. You can enrol on any one of our courses at any time of the year as there are no terms, semesters, or specified intake dates for our uniquely flexible distance study courses.

We aim to provide comprehensive study programmes in all fields of study, worldwide. Our learning programmes engage the student in well-designed, efficient and productive study in their chosen field. We work hard to ensure that our distance learning courses and student services meet your needs and exceed your expectations. You’ll have easy and quick contact with your facilitator, AND you’ll be able to see who else is studying the same course and talk with them using the course forum. We use a student-friendly educational software platform that will facilitate your learning using course content prepared by the Professional Development Educator; relevant graphics; interactive quizzes, crosswords, etc; direct links to other excellent websites enhance your studies; optional and required readings (provided); workbook activities; forum discussions; exercises and assignments as applicable to your program. Headphones aren’t just a great way to block out distractions as you’re studying.

Do these Occupational Health and Safety exercises regularly so you do not get sore eyes, a sore back or RSI (repetitive strain injury) when working or studying online. Try iHomework , the organization app that helps you remember important tasks, log homework assignments, record class information, schedule important events such as tests, and more. You can also use it in places such as your late-night study area to block out distractions. Welcome to the Smartpen , where handwritten notes and your instructor’s discussion blend into one ultra-powerful learning session. This innovative tutoring program offers a diverse range of online programming across nearly every subject.

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